The Blue Corn Adventure continues!

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“The Food Dude attends the launch of the Blue Corn expansion and discovers the menu and service expand along with it, so that successful journey continues, now with a lavish, but casual cocktail bar and all the trimmings. The combination of the famous original menu and now the ‘nuevo’ style Mexican fare to be accompanied by many exciting new Margarita’s and other cocktails, promises Blue Corn will maintain its supremacy in Mexican Cuisine in Melbourne, not just St Kilda!”

The exceptional Blue Corn couple that started it all a decade ago, charismatic Maître D’ Michelle D’Rozario and that quintessential Chef, Justin Pola, were there with bells on! This was billed as a ‘soft opening,’ but as expected with proprietors Michelle and Justin nothing they are involved in is ever going to be soft! The night was full on, vibrant and exciting, with many longtime regulars, devotees, fans and VIP’s – no expense spared! The air smelt of fresh paint, varnished wood and sweet anticipation as we arrived pleasantly early for this launch of Blue Corn’s exciting new little sister. The eye is drawn immediately to the tall, spacious ceilings, and wrenched back down again by the vibrant, well stocked bar.

Over eighty super premium tequilas grace the brand new shelves and jostle comfortably for space amongst charming ornaments, bold imported glassware, a rocket (we wondered what the significance was, obviously Justin would have a story) and of course vivacious and expert bar staff, as always at Blue Corn! With a focus on tequila cocktails there were many Margaritas (as if we were just plucked out of Mexico). Then out came the ‘snacky’ on the go; Anti Jotes, Patanas, Buritos, Tortellas and of course the familiar Taco, to munch on.

A series of 4am bedtimes and elbow grease have pulled the bar up to scratch for the launch, but Michelle and Justin are bright-eyed and bushy tailed, eager to discuss their new concept. The finishing touches were virtually applied as I was walking in, but considering that two days previously there was no bar and the floorboards were decidedly unpolished, one cannot help but be struck with the passion the pair hold for their work and their dedication to good food, drink and sleek surroundings.

I stand in what was once a back yard of the adjoining unit, but is now a cheeky extension to the buzzing courtyard dining area. The old and new sections are cleverly distinguished through slightly different furniture, but pulled together smoothly with a shared colour scheme that pops with bright colours. Perfect for those balmy summer evenings shared with friends and a cold one, or with a partner and dinner for two, the widened space still maintains its cozy air and relaxed, jovial atmosphere. The food preparation area is yet a shell, awaiting the installation of ovens and grills, but one can already sense the talent and inspiration that has contributed to making this understated area more than just a mere ‘snack kitchen’.

Excellently situated at the end of Acland St, it will surely bring drinkers with a feel for cool and a desire for flavoursome food away from the classic bars and cafes along the strip. As the night drew to a close, the friends and relations who came to toast the new venture started to disperse and a real sense of accomplishment settled over the popular hosts. Blue Corn welcomed its brassy and brilliant sister in true Mexican style.

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