That’s the way the squid inks!

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By Shane Blake and Ashlee Cushman


Squid fishing in Melbourne has fast become one of the common anglers favourite pass times and the ‘squid jig’ is now an essential tool in tackle boxes everywhere. For what was considered a foreign form of catching a feed just a few years back, “squid’n” has bloomed into a hobby and must know technique for fisho’s all over, not only Melbourne and Victoria, but Australia wide.

St Kilda pier, a popular must fish destination for squid seekers from far and wide, and is a symbol of St Kilda’s relaxed and romantic lifestyle that boasts a truly unique and arguably Melbourne’s best panoramic city skyline views especially on sunset, the perfect time to try your luck and see if you can’t bag a yummy dinner and as squid love hanging around structure and are as much suckers for lights, as a moth to a flame, at St Kilda pier both these essential ingredients are in abundance.

The secret to catching this tasty sea dweller is, there are no secrets, and even the most inexperienced angler has just as much chance of a good catch as the much loved salty sea dog characters every fishing spot seems to accumulate. Another bonus of this style of fishing is the use of a hard bodied jig (lure) which replicates the humble prawn, which is available in a rainbow of colours for all conditions day and night, so there’s no need to get down and dirty with stinky baits, just watch out for an inevitable jet of ink coming your way as you land your feisty catch (though watching others get inked does provide a good entertaining laugh).

Early morning sunrise, when the squid are hungry and hunting for food, is a great time to tempt your possible catch with a nicely presented prawn jig and as squid find it hard to resist a  feed even when their full they will still strike, and for  those of you who love a good  morning  kip, especially on these cold mornings, don’t stress as squid love a good feed around sunset, simply look for the “squid was here” ink stains on the pier,  pop the jig into the water and practice the ‘jerk then halt’ technique,  wind it in slowly, watch the jig do it’s prawn like retreat and you’ll be  on your way to a fresh calamari treat in no time.  So we hope to see you on the water, and just remember friends don’t let friends fish alone, and they don’t forget the beer.

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