That Burger Joint

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Barkly Street is becoming a promenade of meatiness. Fat Jaks, Coco Kebabs, The Meatsmith all peddling some form of red-blooded heartiness. But That Burger Joint has been a staple for many burger aficionados, with an unrelenting devotion to quality and experimentation. 

They’ve surpassed the standard model, with dishes like Dirty Sanchez (Beef Frank combined with Mexican Chilli wagyu beef, jalapeños, salsa cheese sauce and crushed Doritos) and their Bacon Mac n Cheese Donut – a delectable dollop of indulgence that will flutter you taste buds and cholesterol levels!    

They’re active on the event scene too, recently opening their doors to wanna-be burger architects and allowing them to construct their own multi-layered monstrosities. But we recommend you leave it to the experts. Jake and the staff are more than adept at throwing down some of the area’s premiere burgers.

The Mighty B-J House Burger has a double patty of the best grade prime cut Australian Wagyu. A go-to burger for the purists. 

221 Barkly St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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