Thankful Simple Things

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Over the past few months I have changed from being a city cyclist to being a regional commuter, the daily wind down has moved from cycling through the streets of Melbourne playfully dodging pedestrians, cars and general hooligans, to spending my wind down time sitting stationary on a train seat, watching movies (legally borrowed from the internet) – this has done nothing for my midrift or should I say it has done heaps, as it appears to have capitalised on the situation and decided to ensure I am getting my money’s worth of the seat.

I have found that I focus a lot on the negative of catching the train for 3 hours a day, the expanding waistline, the early starts, the late finishes, but deep down honestly it’s the loss of the ride, the early morning freshness of jumping on my bike and being free to move, no matter what time of year the freedom to push myself to get to work fast or cruise and take in the surrounds, the beauty of Melbourne as a whole, it’s quirks, it’s liveability.  It’s easy to lose track of the beauty of something that is always with you. I know I miss more than the ride when it comes to Melbourne, it’s people, character, alleys and space, entertainment and culture all add to the wonderful experience of the city.

With this in mind I’ve started to think ‘what if I forget to appreciate the beauty of my surrounds whilst I am in them?’  Actually, I know this is true, because as I look around the train I am part of a mini community of commuters who all for one reason or another make the pilgrimage from their place of beauty regionally to Melbourne every day.  The different communities are fun to watch and it’s interesting how quickly they develop, I know this because I have my own little community, there is an old guy who sits across from me nearly every day, we don’t talk much just respect each other’s space and be content to wind down in our own way.

Funnily, his way to wind down is to sleep for the journey home, which on it’s own is not funny at all, apart from recently whilst journeying home we were fortunate to have a guest commuter, a young man, about 13, who had propped himself up next to the old man for the evenings ride and like the old man promptly fell asleep. About half way through our journey the young man rolled over in his seat and gently snuggled into the old man, which to me was one of the funniest things I had seen for a while (Simple Pleasures). The old man awkwardly woke from his new found pillow status uncertain of what to do, when to his relief the young man woke embarrassingly realising his comfort was not his favourite pillow but a stranger.  Needless to say the old man promptly closed his eyes and acted asleep so as to not embarrass the young man anymore, me on the other hand found my eyes  uncontrollably dripping with muffled laughter.

It’s the simple things in life that are the most beautiful, whether it be the uncontrollable laughter of a child, the freshness of a morning, a smile from a stranger or the embarrassing snuggling of a teen, it’s easy to forget why we are here, it’s not to be consumed with life but to enjoy it.

Take a breathe, take your shoes off and enjoy the grass.

Thank you for the first 12 months of your time, Remember…

Set yourself a goal and challenge yourself to overcome the adversities you create for yourself.

The only person in your way is you.

At the end of the day it’s the result of your actions that define the person you are, and your impact on the world, there is a shift in the air, remember respect yourself, the road and other commuters no matter how big or small, at the end of the day we all want to get to our destination.

Smile, enjoy the ride, who knows who you’ll meet.

By Mr. Corb

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