TEDxStKilda 2017 applications now open

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TEDxStKilda is inviting applications from locals who with ideas for TEDx talks.

Applications are now open and close on the May 14, 2017

Here are instructions from TedXStKilda:

This year we’re considering the role of ‘Fake and Fate’ in?our society. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your idea worth spreading.

To apply, head to our website (Tedxstkilda.com)  and submit the application form. We’ll get in touch with you if we’re interested in having a chat.

If you spoke, or are planning to speak at our Open Mic events, you still must formally submit an application online. Speaking at an Open Mic doesn’t constitute an application.

We’re living in a new age of information, learning and communication. Never before have we had so much of the world at our fingertips. Never before have we known so much. Never before have we had so much involvement in the content we consume. And never before have we had so much control over our own image.

But for all our truth and all our knowledge, our unravelling of the universe, we haven’t yet extinguished the concept of fate from our narrative.

Our reality is a double-edged sword. There’s so much truth out there for us to consume. This world gives us the opportunity to see things that have been in darkness and hear stories which otherwise would’ve been silenced. New concepts, views, and discoveries shape our actions.

But perhaps we’re somewhat naïve – do we really think we’re in control of our lives?

Knowledge is supposedly power, but what if we know much less than we think we do?

But the other edge of the blade is just as keen: whose stories are we seeing? Who’s curating our truth? Who’s checking the facts? What defines truth? Confirmation bias is a daily occurrence and our worth is measured in clicks. A dopamine rush for a pretty picture liked, but a public shaming for a mistake online. Failure is no longer behind closed doors. Are we pursuing perfection because our lives are on display?

TEDxStKilda is home to ideas that spark bold and brave conversations for inspiring change and empowerment. It brings together curious souls from all walks of life to share knowledge, passion and creativity across the community and the world.


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