Tea Stories – not everyone wants to drink coffee

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Vivelo Peruvian Cacao Tea At Hank Marvin Market St Kilda East

Reviewed by Henry Shires

The sea of alternative teas is both wide and sometimes very murky.

Back in the day, it was dusty chamomile or peppermint from the back of the cupboard if you had over done the old “Rosie Lee” (black tea). Now there are Fennel and Nettle. And Rooibos (Red Bush) And Green Tea. And Chai Teas (spicy Indian style). And even Rooibos with Green Chai Teas.

imageYet strangely, as yet at least, no Vietnamese Pot Bellied(/Boiled) Pig(let) tea for the carnivores among us???

So I had long ago given up even trying to document what the public’s latest “cup of tea” was… in teas.

However, at the always culinary cornucopia Hank Marvin Food Markets in St Kilda East, t’other day I came across an extraordinary tea.

Or to give it it’s correct nomenclature a Tisane (a tisane (or ptisan) is any herbal infusion other than from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis). The English word “tisane” originated from the Greek word ptisane a drink made from pearl barley).

Jack Dealehr is, in fact, a tisane dealer (thank god he never acquired the nickname CRACKer Jack!). And a very, very knowledgeable and expert one at that.

And one of his most unique creations is Vivelo PERUVIAN CACAO TEA.

Made from the cacao husks with, as it says on the packet, “notes of fresh cherry and malty spice follow aromas of chocolate and citrus”.

I found it kinda like having a coffee, and tea and a couple of squares of decadent dark chocolate. All rolled into one.

Not by any means cheap but certainly a “cup that (deserves three) cheers”!

Available from the Vivelo stall at Hank Marvin Food Markets (Saturdays), Alma Park, St Kilda East www.hankmarvin.com.au or via www.vivelo.com.au


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