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According to Tom Page “whenever I tell someone I’m a rapper, the revelation is often met with a surprised ‘oh’, followed by a slow, supportive head nod and momentary silence  as they desperately try to think of something to say without bringing up offensive stereotypes or negative hearsay”. The 26 year old wordsmith known as T-Bar, however, is only too happy to clarify any misconceptions people may have about his chosen art form and educate them on what Australian hip hop is all about.

While he does acknowledge hip hop has traditionally been associated (by some) with derogatory language and criminal activity, he’s quick to question what part of society is not flawed or has never caused controversy. How many times, he asks, have we heard or read about shady dealings in big business, or cover-ups in politics or religion? Yet hip hop still gets stuck with a shady reputation.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t seem to get as much attention is the fact that most of today’s songs contain positive messages, both celebrating the power of music and encouraging people to follow their dreams. T-Bar believe the public’s perception is slowly beginning to change as more and more commercial radio stations are starting  to recognise Australian hip hop’s ever growing following and appeal.

While he’s never performed to a packed room, T-Bar is less concerned with how many people come to a show, and more concerned about how many want to come back for more.

You can catch the likes of T-Bar, Matte Blac, Defron and  other emerging talents at the Felix Bar, located at 11 Fitzroy Street in St Kilda.

There are two free gigs taking place in November on the 6th and 20th. Doors open at 7:00pm.

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