Supernormal NATSU Returns 

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Andrew McConnell launches Supernormal Natsu 2019 for a ten-day residency from 15 – 27 January at Supernormal Canteen, 2/157 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.  2019 sees Natsu evolve to a 100% vegetarian menu.


Natsu, which means summer in Japanese, is the embodiment of the season.  Following the huge success of the 2018 residency in the NGV for the triennial EXTRA exhibition earlier this year, Andrew McConnell and team decided to bring the format back, but this time with a brand new menu.   Summer brings with it a lightness, warmer days, longer nights and an ease felt at no other time of year. At Natsu 2019, guests can expect dishes that are elegant, playful, nourishing and vibrant. Plates are influenced by Andrew and group development chef Ben Pollard’s experiences during their travels across Asia, and highlight their mutual adoration of all things Japanese.



The menu, as with all of Andrew’s restaurants, will also showcase local produce. “Today we are seeing such a broader selection of vegetables from our growers.” Says Andrew. “They are the ingredients I am most excited about at the moment. With this variety, it gives us so much more scope to explore new ideas, develop new dishes and techniques that ultimately make the vegetable the hero that it deserves to be. This time of year, mid-summer vegetables are at their absolute best and at the same time Melbourne is positively jumping.”

Natsu 2019 will launch with a one-off dinner party on Monday 14th January by Sydney-based chef Brent Savage. Brent’s acclaimed vegetarian fine diner Yellow has paved the way for meat-free dining for vegetarians and carnivores alike. This is… 


“Having a solely vegetable-driven menu gives me the opportunity to focus on interesting and heirloom varietals, grown by local suppliers. By treating vegetables with the same consideration as protein, we hope to show these dishes are just as delicious as any other menu item.  Having the opportunity to work with Andrew and the Supernormal team to explore their relationship with vegetables and their creative take on this new menu is fantastic”  

– Brent Savage, chef/owner of Yellow  



Local organic growers are already planting in preparation for Natsu and the team are also working closely with wild seaweeds and sea vegetables, along with other locally foraged native gems.  Silken tofu will be made daily, hand-rolled udon served with cold dashi, herb-infused soy and the best vegetables from the garden.  Classic dishes will be given a vegetarian make-over to produce eggplant parmigiana katsu sandoa variety of vegetable yakitori with fermented flatbread; and fresh bamboo shoots with yuzu buttermilk.

Drinks at Natsu 2019 will also celebrate the season. Effervescent house-made cherry kefir, artisan teas served hot or cold, agile wines from favourite makers, rejuvenating cocktails and cold beers.  The space will be transformed into a lush, verdant oasis.  Cool, sun-drenched evenings will be further enjoyed with curated music, outdoor dining and light breezes from the southern shores of the city. 


Natsu 2019 reservations are now open with Natsu Gift Vouchers available – the perfect Christmas gift for any food lovers in the family from


NatsuJanuary 2019, the perfect counter-balance to the excesses of the previous festive month.  Feel virtuous without sacrificing the adventurous.

Open every evening from Tuesday 15th to Sunday 27th January, with lunches on weekends only. 

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