Super-Stop Proposal Withdrawn

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By: Sean Coughlin


This is a win for the Carlisle St / Balaclava Road businesses and resident’s as the proposal for the super-stop at Balaclava Rail station has temporarily been withdrawn. Yarra Trams and Public Transport of Victoria had an idea to place a new super-stop on Balaclava Road with a traders meeting held on the 23rd of September a decision was made by this idea has been withdrawn until further notice.

With Acland Street also on this list to get an upgrade and also being one of the most thriving tourist attractions with Luna Park and the Palais Theatre as iconic attractions and especially in the summer with the beautiful St Kilda beach just a few minutes walk it is obvious the people will speak about their disapproval of such a big plan that can interrupt business flow between Acland Tram line ad Balaclava has been withdrawn for the rest of the year until the planning and consultation with the community has been approved. It may impact the views from a tourist’s point of view considering construction may take quite a long time before being completion and with summer on the way, transport is quite dire to get to the beach from Balaclava.

A member of Caulfield, David Southwick MP stated “I understand the construction of this proposed super-stop could have a dramatic impact on local businesses and traffic flow”. The traders voiced their concerns and discussed all issues the construction this stop will have on the businesses. While they were given a happy ending to what could have caused such trading and traffic chaos throughout the construction time period, Mr. Southwick remarked “I applaud you as a traders group for all your efforts in voicing your concerns and working towards what you feel is best for this vibrant shopping strip” to ensure a halt has been put for this project David Southwick has attached his speech in parliament calling a halt on the proposed tram super-stop and the response that was given by Minister of Public Transport and Roads the Hon Terry Mulder MP.

Balaclava Road is one iconic shopping strip for all communities and having transport directly to St Kilda beach while discussing with the traders community at Lava in Balaclava on the 23rd, David Southwick MP believes “we need a proper planning consultation as a community with Yarra Trams and Public Transport of Victoria to ensure all options are considered and all concerns are heard” this alone has what made the withdrawal only temporary until after the New Year has proper traffic and trade flow.

A community consultation will be in the New Year to ensure the Christmas trading is not obstructed. This super-stop may benefit the tourists, residents and trading community but only when the further planning can be suggested and the people’s voice is heard. More news on this matter will be expressed in the future, until then the withdrawal is only temporary and the people will get to have their say when the consultation is scheduled.

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