Supanova 2015

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Written by Daniel Coomans

Photography by Matt Murphy and Charlie Chu

The first major convention of the year, Supanova hit our shores  mid-April. Boasting some big names in acting and plenty to see and do.

The event was rather poorly organised I’d say. The ticket queues were longer than last year however and that was a good thing. After experiencing quite an array of difficulties in order to obtain my passes, and upon entering the event, I was disappointed at the lack of  rooms they actually had running; only one room for screenings, a divided hall for both signing/photo tokens and guest stars which featured a lot of echo and made it hard to hear, a main hall that was too small for the traffic it saw and one seminar room to cramp all the extra panels into, this saddened me greatly as it looked to me like the event itself was shrinking despite the growing number of attendees coming into the pop culture scene.

Two things did not disappoint however: the traders hall was as packed with stalls and extras as it had always been and the sheer quantity and quality of the cosplayers this year blew me away. There were literally hundreds of amazing examples of characters from all walks of life floating about the event, I was truly moved.

Among the guest stars I saw was Robin Lord Taylor, star of Gotham and the Walking Dead, noticeably nervous in his first Australian convention appearance, Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, stars of Buffy and Angel, headed a light hearted comedic panel, and Martin Klebba and Kevin McNally, most notably known for Pirates of the Caribbean, headed a slightly more adult comedic panel. But the main attraction that everyone wanted to see was the cast of Star Trek; here to support the fans after fifty long lived and wonderfully prospered years came Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols and, the Sulu himself, George Takei, fans gave the Vulcan salute as George walked on stage, where we were enlightened by funny tales behind the scenes, George’s life experience and of course the bond between cast members; especially in the wake of Leonard Nimoy’s (Spock) death. Everyone revelled in his words as he spoke of the friendships on and off screen, it was such a shame that we couldn’t hear more though as the fifty minute time allotted passed by so fast.

However, the poor organisation gave me a sour taste in my mouth, it felt like the crew were simply not using the space available to them as well as they could have; numerous rooms previously used lied untouched, lines were managed poorly (which made some wait times excruciating), noise played a factor in one of the panel rooms making it difficult for guest stars to hear our questions, for the more well-known stars and the cosplay competition the rooms simply weren’t large enough despite  the fact they could have structured them greater to fit more people in and improve sound quality, as well as aiding entrances and exits and spacing out the lines effectively creating more room to move.

All in all I was not greatly impressed this year and would have to rate Supanova 2015 a 4/10.

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