Summer Beats

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By: Sinead Dalton

Sun. Sand. Sea and… Culture! Yes it’s not the usual word that follows this well-known phrase but it is that time of year again where all eyes become focused on St. Kilda. We may have spent the last few weeks lounging by the pool, stuffing our faces with the leftover turkey but now it is time to put those devilish boxes of chocolates away, put a cork in the Christmas wine as St Kilda embraces the culture that is Australia.  From Saturday 2nd to Sunday 10th February St. Kilda will engulf art, music and dance. It gives Australians a chance to return to their roots, remember the past and explore the debts of their culture as well as discover the talent that lies deep in the heart of up-coming artists. It is St Kilda Festival.

So what has St Kilda got in store for 2013? Well anything that you can think of! The festival contains over seven stages and more than 150 artists that cater for all tastes. From music, old and new to comedy to cooking, the festival will not only have you tapping your feet but leave you craving more. No cars are permitted so the public can relax and venture from one venue to the next. For thirty three years the St Kilda festival has brought people from all over Australia to basque in its warmth and realise the talent it possesses but it is also a day of recognition of both old and new.

This year hosts one of Australia’s most well known and loved singers Archie Roach. A true soul of Oz, Roach has won two ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) awards and in 1992, his album, Charcoal Lane featured in the Rolling Stones top 100 albums. His songs such as Took the Children Away  and Many Waters Rise pinpoint the emotional and somewhat delicate history of Australia’s past;  lyrics that can truly play on the heart strings.

While people may spark a flame to old memories, the festival is also renowned for hosting new and upcoming bands. On the seventh of February the Espy will host up to ten new bands and one of these new sounds is a four piece band called The Corsairs. With somewhat of an unusual band name, Simon Thompson (Vocals, Bass), Harrison Ottaway (Vocals, Guitar), Adam Morgan  (Guitar) and Josh Collins (Drums) have a very creative sound. What stemmed from a casual jamming session in the past has now become a motivated and inspiring new band. The group have been together for nearly two and half years and with unique voices from both lead singers, they soon will have you tapping your feet to their catchy beat. So you might ask, what makes these guys different? Influenced by a number of different sounds from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones to the Artic Monkeys, the guys spoke of how diversity is a key element in their music. There is nothing more annoying to hear when a band sticks to the one type of sound or genre. You want to be intrigued and captivate by both sound and lyric. The Corsairs do exactly this!

When speaking with the guys during the week, they spoke about their lyrical writing. Harrison and Adam stated each song written “will be different to the one before – something to keep you interested all the time” a new sound for each song. I spoke to them about the importance of culture in today’s music. While Roach reminds us of the days of the past, The Corsairs allow us to realise the spark that future music holds. Simon stated of how “the beach seems to be a vibe that comes through in the song writing,” and with that it automatically gives you that warm sunshine feeling; music that will allow you to remember those unforgettable summers! The Australian culture of days by the beach and surfing is fully immersed in their music.

On the road to success, they have played local spots such as the Cherry Bar and the Vineyard. They are getting ready to release their next single Rich Kids in the coming weeks. So if you are looking for a new sound and an insight to the new culture of Australia, check these guys out! They will play with a number of new artists and admission to this event is free; it will be a burst of new sound, a show not to be missed.

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