Suicide Squad review

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After the fall of Superman, the government becomes paranoid of an evil superman coming into being. So a secret project was created to bring the worlds dangerous criminals together, to help combat them and save the world from a new kind of enemy.

Will Smith plays Deadshot, a never misses assassin. Smith is quite good as the character always bringing potential out with some fun witty jokes and moves on the side. Jai Courtney plays Boomerang, the Aussie thief. Jai did a great job staying in character with his accent and humour that keeps you entertained through the movie. Jay Hernandez plays Diablo, a guilt ridden Pyro. Jay did a good job at the beginning being a guilty person, who you just felt bad for, for changing his character to a major bad-ass with a good performance. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays Killer Croc. Although he doesn’t speak much in the movie, his actions definitely make up for it with kick-ass moves and an uneasy presence. Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn. Margot was just amazing bringing the character of Harley to life, with her appearance and craziness and smoking hot moves, it is easy to see why she was the right choice for this roll, as was all of the suicide squad. Few mentions of other actors who did good work, Jared Leto was only in a few scenes but did quite well as the Joker. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller the mean boss lady, well done. Karen Fukuhara as Katana had some great skills to show. Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag a commando leader who does a great job, and Cara Delevingne whom plays Ricks girlfriend June Moone, and the possessed witch villain Enchantress who did it well.

The music for this movie was well chosen, and the sound used for the fights and explosions was just phenomenal. Special effects were just the right amount for this type of movie, not over-the-top. The makeup and design for each character was very well created for them specifically.

Overall a good movie for the DC universe, but a little disappointed with the villain Enchantress not having a massive big fight scene, but still good. Stars 4/5

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