Street Art Now – By Dean Sunshine

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Reviewed by Daniel Wilson

Melbourne street art is seriously good – like no-joke good. Just like Melbourne coffee you don’t notice how good it is until you go overseas and wonder why it’s not as good as back home.

Some of the art is so breathtaking even taggers respectfully leave it alone for the adoration of the public. But no matter how good, the sad truth is it typically doesn’t last for ever.

“By its very nature street art is an ephemeral art form. On the one hand this is its appeal, as it means it is always fresh and offers us a changing urban panorama, on the other its transience means that it is easy to miss a great piece that may be here today but gone tomorrow.”

Luckily Dean Sunshine has compiled some of Melbourne’s best street art in a beautiful hardcover glossy coffee table book. It is his second book on the subject. It features street art royalty like Adnate, Smug, Deb, Dvate, Heesco, Jaws, Lucy Lucy, Kaff-eine, Rone, Ghostpatrol, Makatron, Meggs, Quench, Sofles, Rsume, Rad, Putos, Roa, Senekt, Shida, Sirum, Smug, Peril, Itch, Slicer, Heesco, Will Coles, Jaz, Baby Guerilla and many more.

The foreword was written by David Hurlston, who is the Curator of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria. He talks about the origins of street art in Melbourne in the 1970s and 1980s, its influences and how more recently it has entered the mainstream of Australian culture.

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