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The Port Phillip Greens are excited to announce their lead candidates for this year’s Local
Government Election: Ogy Simic for Gateway Ward; Katherine Copsey for Lake Ward; and Tim
Baxter for Canal Ward.

Steph Hodgins-May, Federal Greens candidate for Melbourne Ports, said that running strong
candidates at all levels of government would help to ensure consistently progressive
representation in the City of Port Phillip.

“The Greens have a plan to preserve all that is good about our area. It includes running our city
on renewable energy – not dirty coal – and building faster, more reliable public transport.

“It involves prioritising the fast-track expansion of our bicycle network, encouraging better
building design, increasing access to open spaces, and more affordable housing options.

“All of these things are possible with the right vision, leadership and attitude, which is why I’m
excited to be announcing our experienced local government candidates:

Ogy Simic

Ogy Simic arrived in Australia when he was eleven years old as a refugee following a civil war
which erupted in his home town of Sarajevo.

A trained lawyer and a long standing social justice campaigner, Ogy has worked tirelessly to
encourage increased political engagement and ensure a society with equality at its core.

“As someone who arrived in Australia as a refugee, I believe that diversity adds richness and
vitality to our local community. I know that we have the potential to be one of Australia’s most
innovative and forward looking councils. By engaging with local artists, businesses, social
enterprises and the wider community, we can ensure that local decisions represent local
people,” said Ogy Simic

Katherine Copsey

Katherine is standing for Port Phillip Council because she is passionate about community
engagement, a safe environment and thriving local economy.

A former planning and environment lawyer, Katherine has an expert understanding of
community engagement in planning processes. Working with major energy clients developed
her passion for renewable energy solutions to local electricity needs. She also worked pro bono
for people experiencing homelessness and cares deeply about making our communities more
inclusive and addressing inequality.

“As your voice on council I’ll stand up for openness, consultation, accountability, preserving our
precious environment and giving everyone in our community a fair go,” said Katherine Copsey.

Tim Baxter

Tim has been an active member of the local community, and works in banking and finance. Tim
is a unionist who has represented workers to stop job cuts, regain entitlements and help
balance work and life commitments. His priority is to help Port Phillip move to a zero carbon

Tim believes that together we must grasp the opportunities that the new economy presents to
make our community a greener, fairer and more vibrant place to live.

“The Greens platform is built around progress for the local community, with a goal of ensuring
quality of living, economic competitiveness and equal opportunity and we look forward to a
robust exchange of ideas between now and the local government elections on 22 October,”
concluded Tim Baxter.

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