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By Amber Fry

Young St Kilda DJ found his passion for dance music at an early age.

Regularly attending raves and clubs when he was younger, fell in love with the vibrant Melbourne dance scene at clubs like Bass Station, PHD, Bubble and 3D. told us how he first started out and found his passion for DJ’ing:

“I first started watching resident DJ’s and pretty soon I began experimenting with tracks using music editing programs such as audacity, fruity loops, cubase, and reason, [while] at the same time I was being influenced by producers like Yoji and Organ Donors.

“One of my friends had a small set up in his bedroom and I began mixing a couple of old hard house tracks. Pretty soon I began a class to learn the basics of DJ’ing. This now all became an obsession for me”.

He now has his own original complicated mixing style, including using the efx1000; sampling and using up to 3 decks to bring about a new, unique style which is a blend of techno, hard dance and hard tech, to deliver a darker dirtier sound.

Over the years has DJ’ed for many well-known, established Melbourne nightclubs such as: 3D nightclub, Pharmacy, Hard Kandy, HSD, and many more. has also had the luxury of running his own radio show on Syn FM called ‘The Harder Generation,’ which he did for about 3 years alongside radio partner ‘DJ Kardiac Arrest’. Not long after, he also started another show called ‘Rated R’ that ran every Friday night. Rated R was very successful and vast amounts of listeners tuned in each week from all over the world. Several famous international hard dance DJ’s also appeared on the show, including Shockforce (UK), Stana (SWE), and many more.

His passion for the music was so strong and he was so deeply involved with the scene that he showcased another radio show called ‘110% Snuf’d,’ but this time on a dance music radio station called Kiss FM. The show was also on a Friday night and also became very successful.

This is just one story of many people out there who have a deep passion for music and creating their own sound, but in my opinion I haven’t before seen anyone as dedicated and passionate as is.

So, my message is basically enjoy what you love and pursue it no matter how many obstacles you need to cross, because you never know what the possibilities might be.

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