St Kilda Trip

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By: Danielle O’Dwyer

We gathered, as usual, in Clarke Street, Lilydale where we then headed out towards St Kilda with our intrepid leader.

After a fifty minute train ride to Flinders Street and a ten or so minute tram ride down St Kilda road we had finally arrived. We then proceeded towards the office of St Kilda News where we had the opportunity to view the latest edition of the newspaper and also got to look through the first edition that was published early last year! This first edition of the paper didn’t have as many pages and had yet to completely develop its individualised style of articles.

Leaving St Kilda News’ head office we then set out on a walk around St Kilda; with the first stop being for lunch at one of the local takeaway shops. From there we went for a walk down St Kilda road, the trip helped those who hadn’t been to St Kilda in a while; giving them the opportunity see what it’s like now. We walked as far down as Carlisle Street where we passed a number of different antique and interior design stores with varied items in their widows (it appeared, to this untrained eye, like they had been collected from second hand stores). We then walked back up and across to Inkerman Street where we passed the public art work called the ‘Outsider,’ which has already been written about in the March edition of this paper. From there we walked along Grey Street down to Fitzroy Street. We passed a diverse range of cafes, restaurants and bars along Fitzroy Street that really showed the culture of St Kilda and the people that live in it. Our final destination was The Esplanade where we crossed the road towards the St Kilda Pier and Pavilion.

We took a leisurely walk along St Kilda pier; where it went from a windless day to a strong cold wind that could almost knock you off your feet (even the resident seagulls couldn’t fly against the strength of the wind!). Off in the distance, as we strolled along, you could see large cargo ships heading out to sea with their many and varied cargo stored in containers on the deck. While closer in, on the pier itself, you could see any number of fisher men, and one lone women with a variate of fishing rods and fishing styles; with their converted golf trolleys and old prams being used to carry all the gear that they feel would best help them gain the ultimate catch!

Another food brake was had when we reached the end of the pier; where hot chips were brought from the kiosk (which I highly recommend), they were soft in the middle while crunchy on the outside, yum! Then it was back towards the entrance of the pier, on either side are the Catani Gardens with its rows of tall palm trees reminding me of the footage that you see on travel shows; of places like Sunset Boulevard in California. To the right when you look towards the shore you can see the Sea Baths Complex with its heated indoor pool and gym tucked away inside. Further along the Esplanade, towards Cavell Street, is Luna Park with its forever smiling face, while off towards the shore on the other side of the Esplanade you can see rows of modern high-rise office blocks and apartments, which tend to stick up like fat grey fingers across the skyline.

As some of our group had grown tired, and it was after three, the return journey was done on a light rail tram that runs along the original St Kilda train line. The end of our journey brought us to Southern Cross Station (or as it used to be known: Spencer Street). If I was wearing a hat that day I would be taking it off to our intrepid leader who walked and traveled on tram and train from Argyle Street, around St Kilda, and back to Lilydale with a bundle of St Kilda News’ latest edition under his arm. To quote him: “They are the most well traveled bundle of newspapers”.

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