St Kilda Triangle Co-design workshops

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By David Adams

The St Kilda Triangle redevelopment is one step closer to commencement after August’s community design workshops.

Mayor Amanda Stevens said the Master plan Co-design workshops, which took place last month, received a “huge response”.

“I just think that [with] the passion and the enthusiasm that the community feels for this site, and that we feel for this site, that we really hope we can work towards an extraordinary outcome,” Mayor Stevens said.

The community-focused planning meetings focused on proposals for the redevelopment of the land parcel between the Esplanade and the Palais Theatre, which is currently being used as a car park.

Four options for the site were presented to workshop attendees, including a revamped public park, a natural amphitheatre, an expanded seaside playground, and a singular cultural institution.

In a later statement, Acting Mayor Bernadene Voss confirmed a concept design and business case for state government investment will be presented to Council for adoption by the end of the year.

Despite numerous possibilities, Mayor Stevens stressed the importance of focussing on a unified, site-specific development.

“There’s a bit of a concern that if you try to do a bit of everything – bit of a car park, bit of a cultural institution, bit of an amphitheatre – you will get this mish-mash,” Mayor Stevens said.

“This is really about listening to our community, working with our government partners and coming up with something that really suits this particular site and suits the conditions here. Something that speaks to our history of creative industry, music, heritage.”

“You can take inspiration from other places, but it has to be a really tailored solution to this particular site.”

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