St Kilda to get Australia’s first Pride Centre

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Port Phillip Council’s bid for St Kilda to be the location for the new Victorian Pride Centre has been successful after a competitive selection process.

Council has proposed to commit a significant investment valued at approximately $13 million, to support the establishment of a new Victorian Pride Centre in Fitzroy Street that will drive community wide benefits.

Council’s investment will help create an iconic site in the heart of St Kilda.The planned redevelopment will provide the new Centre with desirable street frontage and will be a major drawcard for visitors and locals alike.

Mayor Bernadene Voss said the new Victorian Pride Centre will accelerate the rejuvenation of Fitzroy Street and bring considerable cultural, social and economic benefits to St Kilda and the wider community.

“The Pride Centre will contribute to the proud and continuing history of Victoria’s LGBTIQ communities and will be warmly embraced by the people of St Kilda and Port Phillip more broadly,” Cr Voss said.

“This landmark development is set to make a proud architectural statement with flow-on benefits to our truly inclusive community for many years to come.

“Our investment in the Pride Centre is based on the enduring benefits not only to the much-loved members of Victoria’s LBGTIQ community who will use it and the visitors who will come but also to local residents, traders, artists and customers to Fitzroy Street,” Cr Voss said.

“Securing the Centre here also delivers on Council’s community-focused objectives of urban renewal in  the precinct; providing a safe social, cultural and political hub for LGBTIQ members; attracting more tourists and visitors to St Kilda; and facilitating a destination that can create new local jobs.

“In all, it is expected to deliver an additional $46 million of socio-economic benefits to the precinct over the next 20 years and provide capacity for health care, advisory and support services for LGBTIQ members.”

Port Phillip Council expects some the economic benefits will start once construction on the site begins.

Expected economic benefits include:

  • New local jobs at the Pride Centre and during its construction phase;
  • An increase in daytime trade for existing retailers due to the new local staff, and the additional volunteers housed at the Pride Centre;
  • New volunteers, visitors, tourists and shoppers in Fitzroy Street each day drawn to a safe and vibrant destination;
  • A more diverse mix of retail and other businesses for locals and visitors along Fitzroy St due to the interest and activities at the Pride Centre.
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