St Kilda Souls – November

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By Juan Marulanda (c) 2014

St Kilda Souls 1114-1


“I’ve lived here in St Kilda for about three months and really like having the beach down the road, and the sunshine… Everything you need is here, all the restaurants and the bars, and entertainment. I love it!

I just bought a new book and now I have to go to yoga in 10 minutes…
Smile every day and stay happy!”


St Kilda Souls 1114-2
Jahl, Thomas, Sha, Fifty

“Woke up… it didn’t feel like a Monday. A hangover needed to be killed with vodka… a hangover needed to be killed with St Kilda sun; so we came to the beach to do whatever the F we want, to have fun!”


St Kilda Souls 1114-3

“I come from France, I live in Marseille, you know Marseille?”

“Yeah, yeah I have a good friend from Marseille actually”

“I just arrived 5 days ago, I’ve come to Australia to improve my English, and next week I have a friend in Brisbane [so] I’m travelling there, maybe he has a job for me”


St Kilda Souls 1114-4

“I live in Sydney, I came here for the convention, for the international convention. It was a huge effort and I was supposed to do all kinds of sight-seeing but I gave it a miss. I’m just looking around a little tomorrow; probably an art gallery and the exhibition centre maybe, something like that, you know”

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