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A packed Prince Bandroom ‘Raised the Roof’ for Pure Pop in May with a HUGE line up of, well, many of my personal favourites from the past years live gigs – and I’m writing this so that’s the final word on the matter!  The intimate feel of Pure Pop was not lost in the more generous proportions of the Bandroom and it was certainly an adventure over the night bumping into the many familiar music-loving faces usually seen at weekly courtyard gigs.  Standout performances on the night included Paul Kelly, Henry Wagons, the incredible pipes of Alex Lashlie and so many more that right now if you are reading this and you weren’t there you should be turning some form of green in envy!  Jokes about noise complaints had the supporting crowd roaring hearty ‘hear hears!’, especially as the intro for the final act, all girl retro rockers Stonefield, pronounced loud and proud that not only did they manage to receive noise complaints during their performance, but during the SOUNDCHECK!  Not bad for 4 girls mostly under 18 who have already played the likes of Glastonbury and St Kilda Festival.  Thank god there were no noise issues on this night and damn it was good hearing bands as they are intended to sound: bass, drums, guitars, soaring vocals – sigh… sorry just popped off to reminisce on how it felt to see a personal favourite, Pony Face, in full audio-amazingness!

Another of St Kilda’s favourite regulars celebrate their 9th birthday during June!  Happy Birthday Scott and all the gang down at Collage!  For those of you out of the loop, Collage is an original unsigned music night held EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday in the Espy Front Bar.

Hellhounds @ Pure Pop Records

The third Saturday of every month sees the Lyrebird go punk (well punker than usual).  St Kilda has a long history of punk music so if like me, you enjoy a blast of power chords delivered like a punch in the face you better check this one out too. Ooh and I almost forgot to let you know that the frames for the double glazing are installed at the Prince Public Bar which must mean live music is returning there soon!!  Memo Hall and Dogs Bar have also announced night after night of live music; Claypots have opened Evening Star at the South Melbourne markets with regular gigs; and all up and down Fitzroy St I’ve been noticing new gig listings popping up all over the place: The George Basement, Grocery Bar, Felix Bar (open mike on Thursdays) and the list goes on!

With new gigs popping up all over the place we don’t want to miss a thing, so if you have a gig make sure you email us for listing in print and online.

Well dear readers, with so many venues offering brilliant live music, affordable food and a hot cup of coffee (for those who have school in the morning) or a friendly pint of beer (for those who are in denial about school in the morning) – there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever to be numbing your brains to whatever reality TV is pouring across the digital waves this winter – the cold maybe inevitable for a few months, but one thing is for sure, you really should get out there dammit, there is bloody great music playing!

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