St Kilda Primary School to encourage students to walk to school

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This October, St Kilda Primary will encourage its students to ditch vehicles and walk to school instead.

The school is running a program called ‘Active Paths’ that identifies safe walking paths that lead to the school for children travelling from all four directions.

It is a part of the ‘Walk to school month’ supported by the Port Phillip council. 

In all, thousands of local girls and boys will be joining the fun this October when the statewide VicHealth initiative gets moving from October 9, 2017 to November 3, 2017. 

St Kilda Primary School principal Sue Higgins says the school worked with Bicycle Network and the council to identify safe walking routes for children. 

“Our children from Year 4 have been working all year to encourage children to travel in a more sustainable way to school. 

“(They) worked with the Bicycle Network and Port Phillip Council to create suitable pathways, using footpath decals to mark the routes,” Ms Higgins said. 

“We will be monitoring how useful it is our students,” she said.   St Kilda Primary is joining Albert Park Primary where the ‘Active Paths’ program has been running for two years. 

Active Paths is led by the Bicycle Network. The program aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among children while decongesting streets and parking spaces.

CoPP Mayor Bernadene Voss said she is expecting a positive response from children and parents. 

“Port Phillip students are always one of the most enthusiastic when it comes to participating in positive campaigns like this so we expect to see a lot of them out and about next month,” Cr Voss said.  

“At Council, we’re committed to improving travel choices, especially for schools, by investing in infrastructure and behaviour change programs,” she said.  

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