St Kilda Penguins

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By Dennis Walsh

What’s black and white and lives at the end of St Kilda pier? Surprisingly Little Penguins, or if you go by their scientific name: Eduyptula Minor. They may look cute and cuddly but for Australia’s amusement and entertainment our little feathery friends are actually a protected species so unfortunately photography is prohibited on the pier courtesy of Parks and Wildlife Australia and surprisingly the pier/foreshore is home to over one hundred of our feathery locals.

Visiting the foreshore is free so go down and have a look at the local inhabitants, or choose one of the many bars and restaurants along the waterfront and enjoy the fresh sea air.

I definitely recommend that you visit this thriving colony of Little Penguins that take up residency just four kilometres from the mouth of the mighty Yarra River. It was for the Olympic Games in 1956 that a manmade rock structure (or breakwater) was built to form St Kilda Harbour. It became home to the penguins and remains so today.

Penguin Water Cruises

Every sunset departs St Kilda pier – Penguin views guaranteed

1 hour sunset cruise

Contact for bookings:

Ph: (03) 9386 8488 or 0412 311 922

Guaranteed up close views of Melbourne’s natural penguin colony.

Or simply do it yourself, being mindful to keep an eye out in the water.

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