St Kilda Mile Ocean Swim

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By Sinead Heffernan


2014 saw St Kilda’s first Ocean Swim and it was a huge hit that got a massive turn out. It was such a great event and an instant hit that this year it is back and will be part of an annual event that will be linked to others in some of Australia’s famous beaches at Noosa, Mooloolaba, the Gold Coast and soon to be one in Sydney as well. The events will be a part of a family of events called the World Swim Series.

This year’s Ocean Swim will have more courses with extra distances and a new set of junior events that will ensure that there are courses for all level swimmers from the inexperienced, casual and those in training.

The St Kilda Ocean Swim will have a half mile and a mile swim for those new to ocean swimming and just looking to wet their feet, as it were, in ocean swimming and then the 3.8km Iron-man swim for those wanting a real challenge. Each distance will also has two wave starts for those serious competitors and casual swimmers.

The Junior Giant series will have to events, the 300m Kids Dash and 800m Junior Giant Swim. Each will have its own start and finish times so that parents can watch their children compete before heading over to their course after its done.

With several prizes available for each course every participant gets an event T-shirt and the chance for signing by Olympian, Michael Klim who is a Official Series Ambassador for the World Swim Series and his company Milk & Co the lead sponsors.

Also in the lead up to the event Milk & Co will be having a 9-week land and swim training program to prepare for the Ocean Swim. The Milk Active Club will be for all fitness levels and a fun exercise to get ready for summer as well as the Ocean Swim.

So if you’re looking for a challenge or just to have a fun day on the beach with friends or family get your swim suits ready and register for the St Kilda Ocean Swim this December which promises to be an even bigger and better event than last year.

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