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This is it live music lovers!  On Saturday 27th October, the City of Port Phillip goes to the polls. Over the past five or so years we’ve chatted at gigs, standing with beer in hand or on the social media discussions.  We’ve chatted over a coffee or meal and sometimes we’ve just stopped in the supermarket or street after a chance meeting. There have been a whole host of different points of view and varying opinions on the details -but one topic has remained constant. Live music culture of this city is an important part of many of our lives and something we want to see supported!

Things work in cycles; they change, that’s inevitable. There’s a swift breeze blowing. Our lady’s ship is bustling to sail. We’re not here to recreate a past, just speaking up for our place in our city, in the here and now. People recant so fondly the stories of generations past. What will our live music legacy be?

One important thing I’ve noticed which is 100% and wholly incorrect, is the suggestion music left here a decade ago. Our city is still bustling with a diverse range of backgrounds and sounds all bursting to be heard.  It is the opportunities that have diminished, not the music. To this very day people are drawn to this city to play, create, listen, meet. So it’s good news. Opportunities can be created – we create opportunities!

By the time you pick up this paper, we’ll know who is running for election across the city. The work commences to find out from each candidate, ‘what is your live music policy, how do you support live music?’ Luckily for us, Music Victoria will be reviewing the live music policies of all candidates around Victoria and rating them not just on policy, but also on implementation. Promises mean nothing without action! Of course we’ll be updating you along the way. So don’t sit back, if you have a question ask your candidate – phone them, email them and don’t leave this to chance or to us alone! Our voices count. Your voice counts.  Keep up to date via website or on facebook St Kilda Live Music Community.

What do you ask them?  Well here are our recommendations:

  • Immediate action on mapping Cultural Clusters that recognise both historic precedence AND the current cultural and late night locations. That set aside space for future development of live music opportunities.
  • A strategic statement of intent for these areas to balance the late night and live music culture along with managing residential expectations.
  • Transparency of the noise complaint and compliance enforcement process, including a clearly defined and evidenced decibel reading and compliance process.
  • Clear information available on the CoPP website for residents and local business operators.  Incorporating best practice as outlined in the 2003 Fair Go report and the current paper tabled via the State Government Live Music Round Table paper.
  • Immediate implementation of a late night trader’s accord supported by an ongoing community consultation process (including all stakeholders – residents (from both sides of the table), local live music industry and visitors i.e. Tourism VIC etc).
  • Clear late night and live music statements included in the council strategic plan.
  • Recognition of the diversity on the ‘amenity’ issue relating to residents and visitors of the late night and live music cultures.  Recognising that for a large portion of residents access to late night culture/live music equals amenity in this city.
  • Enforcing of a planning scheme that requires appropriate noise attenuated development within the cultural clusters (aka Fortitude valley in Brisbane, the Esplanade Hotel examples).
  • Commitment to state government advocacy on issues as outlined by the State Live Music Round Table.

And last but not least, stick these dates in your diary:
Sunday 21 October – live music showcase, Memo(rial) Hall 88 Acland St – 11am to 5pm
Saturday 27 October – voting day!  We’ll be at the polling booths and promoting live gigs all over the city!

A local resident and music lover states ‘I am a music lover and have always lived with musicians. I need live music in my life, it is like food for my heart, a longing that yearns to be fed.’

I love live music and I vote!  27 October 2012


St Kilda Live Music Community
contact Michelle Harrington 0422 812 033 or Bob Valentine 0419 300 535

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