St Kilda City Football Club – Winners!

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After months of research by this Sports Editor, we have finally found a successful Aussie Rules side that represents our area, and we at St Kilda News are going to give them our complete support. No, it’s not that infamous St Kilda side, with its culture of boozing, womanising and blond hair that seems to be essential to their recruitment priorities, but the MAGNIFICENT St. Kilda City Footy Club, a team that plays home games at the local ‘Peanut Farm’. What more could followers of our favourite sport want than to be able to wander down to their local football ground – very appropriately named, I think, incidentally – have a few beers, and support their local St Kilda side?


The St Kilda City Colts Premiership Side, 2011. The boys spent the following week chasing fillies after the final siren. Well, most of them did, anyway!!!


St Kilda City’s tightly-knit back-line warm up before the game!!

The ground is located between Chaucer and Spencer Streets and I urge all our readers to get behind our local club and cheer them on to another victory this year.

This is a local club that survives solely on the proceeds of its supporters. We should be proud of the people involved in this club, who struggle each week to make ends meet.

So come along, get involved and cheer our boys on as they head toward the 2012 Flag.


By John Malham



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