Splash of colour for Peanut Farm Reserve

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By Luke Dawson

A blank wall is often dismissed by the average person yet when there is something that transforms that blank wall into an immersive experience, it naturally draws attention.

Paul Round and Frank Maiorana have created two new murals at Peanut Farm Reserve this summer. Round is a street artist with 17-years of experience and Maiorana is a graphic artist and illustrator with 18-years of experience.

Round said that street art can help bring new life to St Kilda.

“More street art in St Kilda can help bring tourism and make the place a better attraction and a better place to live.

“This will help to keep the area that has a bohemian history vibrant and culturally relevant,” he said.

Street art has this amazing transformative effect. It pushes the seemingly mundane, often neutral-coloured walls into a lush coloured landscapes, often adorned with characters.

The wall that hides behind Peanut Farm Reserve in St Kilda is another treasure trove of fantastic work. The mural crosses between the use of futuristic sharp mechanical abstraction and the human form. One side of the wall articulates a sea of mechanical forms, reminiscent of H.R Giger’s work, encroaching on a faceless striped figure, suspended in rainbow hues. The reverse side repeats this motif in warmer tones with a black figure.

One could glean a great metaphor from the mural, the human condition against the growing dominance of technology in everyday life – an issue that is quite prevalent in our modern day society.


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