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St Kilda Festival crowds embrace the inaugural Soundkraft Records (dance music) Stage at SKF 2013

A message from the team at Soundkraft Records,

We are humbled by the support received from City of Port Phillip, St Kilda Festival, and St Kilda News in the administration, production and operations management of Soundkraft Records Stage at St Kilda Festival 2013. We look forward to a long term association with our local council and organizations to drive the future of dance music in Port Phillip and at St Kilda Festival. With special thanks to all members of the community and crowds that embraced our inaugural stage at this prestigious street festival, we would like to give special mentions and compliments to the following representatives of organizations that provided non-stop support in creating this amazing experience at SKF 2013:

1. Adele Denison (SKF)

2. Dean Mandaru (SKF)

3. Alycia Stanley (SKF)

4. Paul Shea (SKF)

5. Joel Cohen (SKN)

6. Greg Giraud (Flexicar)

7. Simon Bracken (Flexicar)

8. Ryan Rathjen (iFrogz/ Razer)

9. Steve Brown (Wah Wah Lounge)

10. Pierre Meneaud (Soundkraft Records)

11. Zoheb Mashood (Soundkraft Records)


Last but not the least, we would like to thank our sponsors: Flexicar, iFrogz, Razer, and Wah Wah Lounge, for their vision, belief, and contribution towards the funding of this event.

Yours sincerely,

Rubal Kharbanda

Director (Soundkraft Records)


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