Souls of St Kilda March 2015

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Sebastian Del Negro from Uruguay

“I’ve been traveling the world and Australia for a few months and arrived in St Kilda three days ago; it has such a cool vibe, I’m having fun!”


Alexandra from Poland and Josy from Germany

“We were hanging out at the beach today, such a good day for it. We have a week left here and then we’re heading to the Gold Coast. We’ve met so many people and travellers in St Kilda, it’s amazing!”


Luigi from Brazil and Lisa from Germany

Luigi: “We are traveling and today we were hanging out, having some fun, sun tan, beach… I’m staying in the CBD but St Kilda is a good place to go to. I’m here for another month and then back to Brazil”

Lisa: “We were at the beach today chilling, drinking, playing in the sun and just having fun. I’m traveling with Alexandra and Josy”


Sam and Peter from Brunswick

“Beautiful place to come out mate, good atmosphere and nice people, we like to come out on the bikes. There’s nothing like St Kilda around here, it’s a great area”

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