Souls Of St Kilda July 2015

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Shot on June 25/06/2015 At the Astor Theatre during the premiere of “Women He’s Undressed”

Q: How do you feel about the Astor Theatre not closing down


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Val Haines and Val Granat from Caulfield

“We are absolutely delighted. We hated the thought of it closing down. The theatre is wonderful and it’s a tradition for Melbourne. It’s been in our lives for years and years and years and we would’ve hated to loose it, that’s why we are here tonight.”

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Jan, Nadia and Barbara from the Bentleigh/Brighton area

“We are very very excited. We love it. It’s beautiful. We think that the theatre is iconic and is very important for Melbourne and to us. We’ve been coming here for a long time.”

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Ben and David from West Melbourne

David: “I first came to the Astor in 1983 and I’ve been coming ever since to see all sorts of things so I’m thrilled that its still open and still dedicated to double features and showing things that are often not shown on the big screen for a long long time. it’s exciting! It’s really important to us because it’s such a beautiful cinema and it’s still in operation; while Melbourne has got good examples of art deco buildings very few of them are still working buildings and this one is a working art deco cinema still in operation the same way that it was originally intended back in the 1930’s.”


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Amanda and Gail from Ormond

“It is absolutely brilliant and the fact that is continuing on in its tradition its wonderful. The theatre is vital for Melbourne; we need to have access to this kind of living history and is not only about the atmosphere that it creates but also about the films.”

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