Souls of St Kilda (February 2015)

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Photos by Juan Marulanda


James from Kensington

“I rode down to have a look at the beach and have some lunch, it’s good to come the beach and get some sun on nice days like these. I ride most weekends. One of my favourite things about St Kilda is the festival, which is coming up soon I think, it’s a good community and atmosphere”


Margaret and Peter

Margaret and Peter from Elsternwick

Peter: “We met at work in 1984, so 31 years ago, and we’ve been married for 28 years now”

Margaret: “It’s his birthday tomorrow and we’re just finishing up his birthday lunch, so we’re just having a look around now and enjoying St Kilda. We love all the cake shops in St Kilda”


Ruby and Sebastian

Ruby and Sebastian from Elsternwick and Sunshine

“We met at Uni in March last year. We are just shopping for my Dad’s birthday presents, it’s his birthday tomorrow. There’s nice shops down this way, it’s a lovely spot for the summer!”


Tim and Dee

Tim and Dee from St Kilda and Caulfield

“We are just going for a walk today, getting some coffee and ice cream. I’ve lived in St Kilda for over 40 years now and I think Melbourne is the most boring city in the world except for St Kilda. People travel all over the world just to be here, it’s wonderful”

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