Soul’s of St Kilda April 2015

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James and Eliza from Berwick

“We’ve been together for over two years now, we met online”

“We’re supporting two of our best friends today that are doing the Iron Man; Penny and Alisha. At this point they are about 25km’s in, so hopefully we’ll see them soon!”

“The best thing that happened to us since last Easter is moving in together”















Audrey from Chicago

“I’m traveling on a working holiday visa and have been in Australia for 6 months”

“I’m [currently] volunteering for the Iron Man, directing traffic”

“The best thing that’s happened to me since last Easter is coming to Australia”
















Sheila from Peru/New York and Elissa from North Melbourne

“We are here today because it’s hot, it’s nice. It looks like it’s going to be the last day of summer today; it’s our last chance to get a tan!”

Sheila: “[I’ve] been able to travel around Australia; I went to the Northern Territory, the east coast, and that’s what made me decide to stay and not go back to New York right away. So now I’m planning to stay here for a bit longer”

Elissa: “Moving to Melbourne from the Mornington Peninsula, getting a new job, traveling around, meeting new people… I’m looking forward to the things to come!”
















Rami and Nash from Syria (Mesopotamia) and Craigieburn

“We are here today because of the nice weather, and also the [Iron Man] marathon!

“The best thing that’s happened to us since last Easter was a play we did at church. We are a big community and always go with our families to church”

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