Some creative writing ideas

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By Matthew Harris


Close the gates

So filled with knowing

Seagull screech


Close the gates

When you are so filled with knowing

Shutting down possibilities

Seagulls squabble


What if,

I am an angel

incarnated here

to assist

in changing the world?

After all,


do angels

do their work?


in the fields

of buttercups and rainbows?


in the dark

and shadowy places

to bring

the Light?



In Pursuit of Silence

The trams rumble and squeal

Latin music bumps and jumps

The coffee machines steam and roil

The cars hover and troll

The eco warriors petition and teach

The seagulls squabble and screech

The people chatter and mingle

The cake shops burble and tingle

The headphones muffle and blast

The destitute mourn and mumble

The drunks rage and stumble

All the while, the silence

Unexplored, unaware

Noise deprived

Experience crowded loneliness



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