Solstice Global Healing

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Written by Rod Neilson, edited by Mary Rogers & Mia Jeffries from the Planetary Healing Artists association


The Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia Inc. (PHAAA) is creating a free community event to celebrate the Solstice.


The Summer Solstice is when our planet Earth is closest to the sun and is the longest and brightest day of the year. This auspicious time has been acknowledged by many cultures since ancient times.


Our event last year was well attended with the theme ‘Healing the Children’, and our Solstice Global Healing theme this year is ‘Healing The Family’ through being a multi-faith and multicultural event.


The Family is the basic unit of human life. A family can take any form that it wants to take. The Family nurtures, nourishes, educates and loves. Peace and harmony are the desire of every family. Families connect in different ways through children, foster families, biological, extended, chosen or inherited families. Family can be same sex couples caring for each other or elderly people who need their neighbours. The neighbours in our village can be our extended family as it takes a village to raise a family. Together we are one community.


All families who come together for this solstice event will be able to share and support each other in the local village of St Kilda and beyond. It is said that ‘families who play together, stay together’. We would like to promote a sustaining environment where families are upheld and supported. Bring your partners, your children, your parents and friends.


Our present times see breakdowns of families. A major cause of these breakdowns is the lack of cohesive factors that keep a family together. Cultures rapidly evolve causing pressures and losing sight of values for the highest good of all. The Solstice event hopes to open up new doorways to extend family togetherness.


The range of things we have in store for you is not limited to one dialogue, dogma or art-form. We will be presenting many leaders from different arts, cultures, religions and social backgrounds. For this special event we will present: amazing displays of the sun and light, local performers and musical artists, environmental groups, an indigenous smoke ceremony, interfaith prayers from most faiths, and releasing the (homing) doves as a symbol of peace. What new ideas will you take home to heal your family, or yourself?


The Planetary Healing Artists seek to create sustainable happiness by promoting a peaceful philosophy and culture for the healing and caretaking of our planet and all living beings who reside there. We wish to create networks of ‘families’ of different faiths and ideals locally, across the country and across our planet. Perhaps if we create enough links or networks of peaceful people then maybe we really can influence world peace in general. “Together we can make a difference”.


The Planetary Healing Artists have a long term vision to heal our planet and each year we introduce new strategies which cover the environment, people, animals and all living things. We provide an opportunity for artists, all creatives, and friends from diverse cultural backgrounds to reach out to audiences and communities. The experience of sharing and being together broadens and enriches everyone.


Refreshments are available and all are welcome.


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‘Solstice Global Healing’

2pm-5pm, Sunday 21st December, 2014

Rotunda, Catani

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