Solar powered festival

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OFFtheGRID_poster_final new RGBMusic and renewable energy solutions – it is not the most obvious combination that springs to mind when thinking of live events, but it is exactly what Melbourne’s Finding Infinity have planned for their OFFtheGRID party on December 22. During this year’s summer solstice, the iconic Australian Centre for Contemporary Art forecourt will be transformed into a fully-fledged fiesta site, with partygoers joining the likes of Cut Copy DJs, Banoffee, Tornado Wallace and more to raise awareness and funds for a nearby solar powered project – celebrating renewable energy solutions, as opposed to focusing on the problems.

“The language of renewable energy has been lost in elitism to confuse and delay change. This festival is a step towards a different type of communication. We need to start leading by example and show people how tangible this change is” – Banoffee

OFFtheGRID all started as a battery bank operated party in a basement in London. The fun-loving Finding Infinity then journeyed to Mexico for a beach side solar sculpture party, before taking it to a rooftop with none other than dame Vivienne Westwood in London. For their biggest party yet in Melbourne this December, the team have managed to build a five metre high solar stage and state-of-the-art battery bank to power the event and see OFFtheGRID’s heliocentric music lovers through the day and night.

Tired of waiting around for the inevitable change and dedicated to speeding up the transition to a world based on infinite resources, Ross Harding from Finding Infinity and friend of the festival Eyal Halamish from digital democracy group OurSay are encouraging Melburnians to advocate change NOW by joining the party. 100% of the OFFtheGRID profits will go directly to a renewable power plant in the city of Melbourne and all revenue from the plant will go on to fund the next party – and then it snowballs from there.

The forward-thinking mindset behind the party doesn’t end there, as any recyclables will be recycled, any organic waste will be used for compost, and any other leftovers on the site will be used to create a work of art that is to be auctioned off, rather than going into landfill – upholding their zero waste policy. All proceeds of the auction will go to the renewable energy project.

With Melbourne’s finest party crew – Cut Copy, Banoffee, Tornado Wallace, Sui Zhen, Silent Jay + Jace XL and Waxo Paradiso – joining a line up curated by influential DJ and tastemaker Edd Fisher, this solstice is sure to be one for the books. Bringing together art and technology all the while contributing to a self-sufficient Melbourne, OFFtheGRID reckons it’s time for everyone to get behind the logical and inevitable transition, because music sounds better when it comes from the sun.

More information + ticket sales via Finding Infinity:

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