Skydiving the Yarra Valley

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By James Leer

I could not sleep; a mixture of fear and excitement rushed through me as I lay in bed, staring at my ceiling.

You see, I have always had a great fear of heights; from standing on a single step to peeking over the ledge of a building, it is something I have always wanted to confront and overcome like so many others. So when a friend asked me if I wanted to jump out of a metal tube at 14,000ft and plummet through the sky I evidently said yes.

We arrived early at the vast hanger, the sky still dark from the night before, the morning air numbing my face, my heart pumping adrenaline.

The process was seamless; a bit of paperwork and then a quick and thorough safety briefing, making sure all jumpers felt secure. I then met the lovely gentleman that I would be strapped to, a young man with a big smile and funny hair, who jokingly proceeded to tell me his near death experiences which, to my surprise, I found oddly reassuring and comforting.

They then produced the death waiver, a short A4 sheet of scribbles where I was to sign my life away and as I pressed ink to that dotted line a strange freeing feeling overwhelmed me.

Before I knew it I was suited up in the tandem jump gear with straps, buckles and helmet, all triple checked. We entered the steel fuselage of the plane, the roar of its engine numbing my senses as we took off and climbed into the clouds.

Then I jumped.

A loud shrill scream leapt from my mouth, barely audible in the thunderous rush as I rocketed downward, the air biting at my face. It was incredible, exiting, amazing and spectacular, and was the longest 60 seconds of my life as I floated above the earth, forgetting everything.

Then I saw land rush up and we had landed. Staggering and falling to the ground laughing, I have never felt so free in my life, facing that kind of fear is unlike anything I have ever experienced. This is something everyone should do, full stop.

I had an incredible time!

I want thank everyone who was involved at they were all friendly, skilled and professional. Now it’s your turn!

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