Signature Dish: Rococo on Acland St

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By Mantis Kane

Signature Dish is a section that explores the district’s best dishes. We aim to champion those culinary heavy hitters and uncover hidden gems by asking local restaurants to serve up their most popular dish.

Due to the fanfare around their new oven you might think Rococo is just a pizza place. Wrong. An Italian without both pizza and pasta is equivalent to a sprinter without limbs – severely impaired, failing to get traction and left at the starting line. The two foods are inextricably linked, culinary siamese-twins, inseparable, and unable to exist without the other. And as a testament to this theory, Rococo have chosen their Meatballs for this month’s Signature Dish.

We asked manager Shannon to shed some light on the dish.
“At Rococo our aim has always been to serve simple Italian food done well. The spaghetti meatballs is just that, this dish has been on our menu since we first opened the doors of Rococo Acland Street back in 2006. Our slow cooked Italian meatballs are simmered in rich tomato sauce with garlic, fresh oregano and Sangiovese served with torn mozzarella di Bufala, pangrattato and shaved parmesan. To take our Signature Dish to the next level, we suggest a half serve of our Garlic & Herb bread accompanied by a glass of Chianti or Valpolicella to
really heighten your experience. We hope you will enjoy this classic dish as much as we do.”

Meatballs can be placed anywhere on the gastronomic sliding scale, from the low-end budget gristle of reconstituted hoofs and beaks to the silky heaven of minced unicorn meat, rolled between the thighs of nubile Bond Girls. Thankfully, Rococo’s meatballs are pinned high on the scale; deeply flavoured with herbs, wine and cheese, and generously plated up. Not to preempt the end of summer, but if you find yourself cold and lonely in a few months, Rococo has the perfect winter warmer.
85/91 Acland St

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