Signature Dish: Ground Yourself Café on Barkly St

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By Mantis Kane

Signature Dish is a section that explores the district’s best dishes. We aim to champion culinary heavy hitters and uncover hidden gems by asking local restaurants to serve up their most popular dish. 

With the amount of health food outlets in St Kilda you’d be easily forgiven for thinking you’d walked into an Olympic village. Fast forward a few years and it’ll be raining pressed juices, the streets awash with fair trade beans, wheatgrass sprouting from the pavement and turmeric fountains on every street corner.

The health food explosion is big business, yet the boasts are often paper thin. Menus littered with contrived buzz words, pseudoscientific waffle that’s all designed to hoodwink the lycra-clad, body conscious trade. Scratch the surface, peer into the kitchen and you’ll often discover the same old bad oil, refined sugar and artificial flavouring lurking ominously behind the kale and kombucha.

When you read the Ground Yourself Café website, the banter is bombastic. Heavy claims and powerful messages, even a mission statement. Naturally I became suspicious. But gladly all my cynicism evaporated as soon as I tasted their coffee, a trusty barometer for what will follow. The Organic Green Mash Up is a Signature Dish that has all the touch-points of a healthy breakfast, and most importantly was remarkably tasty.

We asked owner Dennis Hobson to elaborate.

“At Ground Yourself Café we believe that your health is enhanced by what and how you eat. We understand that while mood often affects food choices, food choices can equally affect how we feel.

Our Organic Green Mash Up is a reflection of our vision, with sautéed kale, spinach, broccoli and asparagus, served with roasted pumpkin on sourdough spread with an avocado puree and topped with a poached egg. This delicious and healthy dish is packed with vitamins and minerals, which are likened to promoting wellness, and reducing the chances of chronic illness.

We are committed to providing nutritious foods that have the power to heal the body, and prevent illness,” Hobson says.

You get the impression these guys are not charlatans but whole-hearted health food fanatics. They talk the talk and walk the walk, with due diligence.

Not only will you experience great food, but you’ll be making an ethical purchase, lining pockets of decent folk, rather than those of some fat corporation that peddles chemically-imbued poison.

These days making a public protest doesn’t have to mean burning bras or smashing a bank’s windows; it can be as simple as ordering some ethically sourced food.

By visiting Ground Yourself Café you won’t save the planet, but you’ll leave a slightly better citizen, on a nutritiously full stomach.

Shop G8 Acland Court, 183-189 Barkly?Street

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