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Homelessness is in your backyard, but you can do something

A warm bed and a place to call home; in Victoria, more than 21,000 people don’t experience this basic human right.

A quarter of the people who are homeless will repeatedly be in and out of homelessness for a good part of their lives. Many have experienced trauma over and over again.

In St Kilda’s state electorate of Albert Park there has been a 40% rise in the problem. In 2011 there were 1,164 people experiencing homelessness, compared with 833 in 2006.

In the lead up to the state election, Sacred Heart Mission needs your help to make homelessness a priority for the government.

We have successfully run a three year pilot program called Journey to Social Inclusion, supporting people who were long-term homeless and facing many complex issues. The program shows how a person can permanently escape homelessness with intensive, long-term support.

We know the program changes people’s lives and we want to expand it. So, we are asking the Victorian Government and the community to support our aim to secure $4 million to run the program throughout Melbourne. Our independently-evaluated reports show that, in the long run, this program creates economic savings and social benefits.

What you can do

Please let others know the facts about homelessness. As a community, we can do something about this major issue and create a better society for us all.

Please contact your Local Member of Parliament as well as those candidates running in the November 2014 state election. Ask them to make homelessness a priority by funding programs like our Journey to Social Inclusion Program, which provides fast access to housing with intensive, long-term support.

To find out more visit: or phone (03) 9537 1166.

You can contact these candidates for the Albert Park electorate:

Martin Foley MP
Ph: 9646 7173

Liberal Party:
Shannon Eeles
Ph: 0458 877 733

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