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Mission Magic

At Sacred Heart Mission we believe in magic – Mission Magic! This is when we find ourselves up against a brick wall, without a ladder, against all odds, and someone appears out of thin air and gives us a leg up.

Suzanne McDonnell who runs our meals program coined this phrase some years ago when she had around 400 people coming for Christmas lunch and no dessert to serve. A few days before the big event and just before despair arrived, hundreds of individual gourmet Christmas puddings were delivered. Now that’s Mission Magic!

While it may not technically be magic, it feels like there is something in the air at the moment and good will and good luck are blowing our way, even more than usual.

Around 90 per cent of the ingredients we use in our meals program are donated, but meat is the most difficult ingredient to secure a steady supply of, so we sometimes have to dip into our emergency food budget. Last month though, out of the blue, we received an email from a man from Junee in NSW with some clout in the meat industry. John Russo had decided that he wanted to use his professional network to make a difference in the community. He set himself a target of encouraging his colleagues to pledge $100,000 worth of meat that he would distribute to Sacred Heart Mission over three years. A few days after we took John for a tour of our dining hall we received our first delivery of 40kgs (each) of minced beef, diced beef, roast beef blade and roast pork shoulder.

After hearing a recent radio interview about our meals program, Reg Hill aka Bald Eagle Knives, enquired about whether he could donate his time and help out by sharpening the dining hall’s many knives. Chefs and volunteers use dozens of knives to produce the 400 meals served each day, and keeping them sharp is quite a chore for the chefs, so when we got the offer from Reg we could not wait for him to get here!

Recently we had an offer from Gail and Kevin Donovan, the couple behind the famous Donovans restaurant. The pair asked whether their chefs and service staff could be of assistance while their restaurant is undergoing a refurbishment following a fire earlier in the year. We jumped at the opportunity and their chefs have been helping our kitchen teams in our dining hall and aged care hostel since. They also catered for an afternoon tea for the older members of our community during Senior Week last month.

Lily Lau and two of her friends from Elwood primary school have shown that the younger generation don’t only think about themselves, as some people may believe. The trio held a joint 10th birthday party and asked their friends and family to donate to Sacred Heart Mission in lieu of presents. They raised a whopping $460 which goes towards our programs assisting people who are homeless and disadvantaged, and inspired us all here at the Mission.

What we’re seeing is people helping us out in the unique ways that they can. When our chefs can spend more time whipping the soufflé because Reg has taken care of sharping the knives; that’s magic to us.

We’re currently running a campaign ‘Vote to put homelessness to bed’ in the lead-up to the State Election this month. Please visit our website where you can send an email to your local candidates to highlight the issue of homelessness – together we can make a lasting change

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