Russel Gilbert

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Russel Gilbert –  Comedian and local SKN celebrity ambassador


Q1)  How does living / working in St Kilda inspire you?

I get a bit inspired when i try out bits I am working on with my friends at the pub and they laugh.  They are honest and tell me if it’s rubbish , which is a good thing.  I think I drive them mad and some of them are funnier than me, in fact, most of them are and that inspires me to work harder.


Q2) What is your favourite thing to do in St Kilda?

My favourite thing to do in St Kilda is having a beer and a bet  at the Village Belle with the locals, I am there a fair bit, people think I have shares in the place, I don’t,  but I  think I own a few of the poker machines.  I like eating at Cicciolina’s and going to Monarchs Cakes for my partner Rochelle, she loves cakes.


Q3)  What change would you make to St Kilda if you could?

I think they should build a big multi shopping complex on the St Kilda triangle lots of shops,  big supermarket etc… ONLY JOKING .. I think they should make the end of Acland Street a Mall with no cars just the trams.  People treat it like a Mall anyway, I must say I do as well.


Q4) What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a questionnaire for the St Kilda news but apart from that I am hosting Sexpo and  I am pitching a few TV show ideas around and working on a few things to do on stage that I haven’t done before.


Q5)  Can you tell us something interesting we don’t know about you?

I make 20kilos of Thai sausages every week with Masterbucher Gary at Gary’s meats at the Prahran  market, I love Thai food so I thought a Thai sausage would be good.   I also like to wear Womens clothes when I make them, but most people know that.


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