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By: Rhonda Alexander

The RSPCA, what would we do without them; a lot of animals would cease to exist. Animals can get stressed as humans do and a lot of people don’t realise the responsibility of taking care of an animal, whatever the animal may be.

There are a lot of people who volunteer to look after these animals, not to mention the carers who look after them in their own home. A multitude of jobs have to be done every day at the RSPCA that take time, they could be: taking dogs out of their kennels, cleaning and replacing blankets, feeding the cats, and grooming the animals. They also get phone calls from the public often about wild animals on our beaches or anywhere animals choose to roam.

The conservation of our wildlife is very important; the RSPCA have people who rescue wildlife constantly, it can be dangerous work so they must have training – safety is a must for the people who rescue these animals.

The community can help the RSPCA in so many ways too, for instance: donations can be made, blankets and tin food can be supplied, anything that helps.

The RSPCA is a resource that we cannot live without. So many businesses contribute their time and money to support our RSPCA and without the help from our volunteers and community some of these animals would perish, they need the compassion and support volunteers provide.

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