Round Trip through the Yarra Valley

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By Rob McLean and Mark Barnett

With the Yarra valley being one of Victoria’s best wine regions, this guide should help you get the most out of a trip to this beautiful and rewarding area – with some sightseeing lookouts and walks.

With the entry to the Yarra Valley being Lilydale, with its historic museum and theatre, travelling along the Warburton highway brings you into the heart of the upper Yarra Valley. Travelling along the road you will come across the small town of Seville with its water park (ideal for hot days) and iconic Carriage café, situated near the Warburton trail walking/riding track. For dinner there is a very nice winery called Kallara Estate that has nice fresh meals and local wine.

Yarra Junction, further down the road, has an old museum showing the history of the old steam trains and logging throughout the region. Continuing along the road you’ll come across the historic town of Warburton. Warburton makes for a nice overnight stop as the restaurants are good, plus you can take a day trip from there up to Mount Donna Buang; which has site seeing snow in winter and the sky walk in summer.

Travelling out of Warburton toward the upper Yarra dam, you enter the Yarra Ranges National Park, with lots of picnic stops and locations throughout the area – also, in the town of McMahon’s Creek is the old Reefton Hotel. Further along you’ll come across the upper Yarra damn for site seeing, as you enter the high country to travel through the old roads to Marysville.

Marysville has recovered very well from the black Saturday fires and is once again a nice holiday location; with Steavenson falls, Murrindindi Cascades, the Marysville lolly shop, lots of nice nature walks, a golf course, and Bruno’s Art and Sculpture Gardens for wood carved sculptures.

Leaving Marysville and heading back towards Narbethong, travelling down the black spur through the hills, you’ll find lots of picnic areas and sight-seeing through the winding roads. Once you reach the other side, you’ll be on the outskirts of Healesville; with Maroondah dam and Healesville sanctuary well worth a visit.

This area of the Yarra Valley is the main winery region, with Rockford, Domaine Chandon, and more along the Maroondah highway. From Healesville it is well worth heading through the back hills to the top end of the Yarra Valley, to come down through Dicksons Creek with De’borteli, as well as some cafes and restaurants. Entering the next town that is Yarra Glen, this is the true heart of the Yarra Valley; with the Yarra Glen racecourse, some nice antique shops and Chocolaterie chocolate cafe.

Heading back towards Lilydale and beginning the last part of the trip, you’ll go past Yering Station; a large winery, Dame Nelly Melba’s house which ison the corner of Maroondah Highway and Melba Highway, and in Coldstream you’ll find the Coldsteam Brewery; with some nice refreshment’s and meals.

This ends the round trip of the Yarra Valley, I hope this gives you some ideas as to why the Yarra Valley is worth seeing. You can do this trip any time of the year, in winter when the snow is on Mount Donna Buang or in autumn when the leaves have changed colour. Somewhere in the Yarra Valley there is usually a local show or a festival happening (usually on weekends), for the whole family to enjoy and to make your weekend in the Yarra Valley special.

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