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1. Rate for Kick!

Milky soft to Kapow Strong.

3 outa 5 for strength. The strength average. Once again I purchased a double shot (strong) latte. Thats the way I like it.

2. Rate for Flavour

Bland and Watery to Kardashian rich and full bodied.

3 outa 5 for flavor. The coffee here is good. But for. my tastes (once again), I’d have preferred a more rounded and complex coffee.

3. Rate for staff.

Up to 5 stars of cheer. bonus points for humour!

3 out of 5 for staff. The staff were polite, courteous, attentive. But perhaps lacking a little knowledge. I was able to glean information about the brand of coffee (Axil), but not the type. The lad that served me thought it was a single origin, but wasn’t completely sure.

4. Content

If I stopped drinking coffee today, I’d have a terrible headache the day after tomorrow. In order for me to avoid a whopping ‘throbber’ above the shoulders, I must consume a strong latte at least every other day. Which proves coffee is like paracetamol. It has medicinal qualities. A barista is really just a pharmacist that specializes in prescribing a natural remedy, the properties of which help keep me happy. Coffee is good for you! What more proof do you need.

Fortunately for me I have a never-ending repeat prescription. I’m cashing this one in at Rollo’s Kiosk. Maybe ‘Kiosk’ is French for pharmacy. And almond croissant is probably French for ‘Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor’ because they make me feel better too.

Rollo’s really is a ‘Kiosk.’ It sits on the edge of St. Kilda’s quay. What a fine location. Here I can sit and stare at luxury yachts that I’ll never own.

All coffee is served in a take-away format. Though seats and small meals are available. I really do prefer to drink my coffee from a glass, it never tastes as good in a paper cup in my opinion.

My daughter ordered a mango and banana smoothie, which was very tasty.


By Mark Lee


Fact Sheet

Milk: Vitasoy and cows

Location: 42D Marine Parade, St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC

Dog friendly.


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