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1. Rate for Kick!

Milky soft to Kapow Strong.

3 outa 5 for strength. A decent enough brew. It’s not Michael Buble but it’s not Lemmy Kilmister either. It’s The Traveling Wilburys.

2. Rate for Flavour

Bland and Watery to Kardashian rich and full bodied.

2.5 outa 5 for flavor. The coffee was Griffith Bro’s, the blend ‘Duchess.’ A semi-roast apparently. Maybe that’s why I’m finding it a little lacking. I prefer full flavored. Yes there’s some nuttiness and caramel. Just like it says on the packet. But not enough for my sledge hammer palette.

3. Rate for staff.

Up to 5 stars of cheer. bonus points for humour!

4 outa 5 for staff. Friendly and helpful. Good teeth.

I was advised to help myself to a menu and water. Then order and pay at the bar. No table service. I didn’t mind, keeps me in my place and feeling independent. The food and drinks were delivered to our table with aplomb.


Whilst at University in Brighton (England late 90’s), it was claimed there was a pub for everyday of the year.

Myself, my cousin and a group of friends set out to visit every one of those pubs in a day. Predictably we fell over before we reached the middle of January.

Twenty years on I find myself pondering Melbourne’s Cafe to population ratio. Why? Because I’ve given up alcohol and exchanged it for coffee.

Dubious statistics from the inter-web inform me that Beanhunter has 3521 cafe reviews. That’s just over nine and a half cafes for everyday of the year.

This morning I find myself at one called ‘Republica.’ It’s situated Right on St. Kilda’s trendy foreshore next to the sea baths.

Only a handful of hours ago this was a pumping restaurant bar. Now it’s 9 am on a Sunday morning. The young revelers have probably not risen from their slumber. Last nights folly of youth, music, modern Australian cuisine and booze have been replaced by myself, my daughter, an elderly lady and a dachshund called Mr. Scribbles. Fortunately for us the barista and kitchen staff have bothered to get up, or perhaps they’ve come straight from a night out.

The upside of being here this early is we get to choose a great spot with beach views. While we wait for our order, we sit and sway in swing chairs that remind me of the 60’s. Our eyes are full of palm trees, sand, sea, sky and merchant ships that crawl along the horizon.

Location: 10 Jacka Blvd St Kilda

Words and Pics: Mark Lee

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