Republica Beach Volleyball is back for Summer

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Looking for some fun with pizza, drinks, sweaty bodies, and sport on the beach!? If you answered yes then Republica has got you covered!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night Republica holds 4-a-side mixed social beach volleyball tournaments right in front of the St Kilda Sea Baths. The cost is $80 per team ($20 per player) and $15 for students, and it’s worth it for the experience on offer!

The games start at 6:30pm with check-in at 6pm, and there are two divisions too, so there’s no need to feel intimidated! They are: ‘Got Gamers’ – for those that call themselves volleyball professionals and lords of the sand (and the intermediate), and ‘Hit and Gigglers’ – for those that just want to have a little fun, meet some sporty individuals, and feel the sand between their toes (beginners).

Teams can consist of, well… anyone! You can bring along your friends, workmates, acquaintances, or even just turn up on your own and Republica will hook you up with a group of new buddies, eager to play ball!

Each game runs for about twenty minutes and each team gets about three games each night (adding up to one hour of play), in-between games, though, you can chat and watch as other teams fight it out on the sand. After all games are completed (usually two hours after the tournament begins) everyone meets up inside a big tent in the Republica courtyard. Republica will provide a pizza and either a choice of beer, wine, or soft drink, to each team at the end of the night – putting the topping on a fantastic night of volleyball and socialising, making it a truly wonderful experience.

Throughout the tournament the referees record the final score of each game and add them into a spread sheet to create a ladder, and after about six weeks a finals night is held, where the best-of-the-best gather in order to prove their power on the sand and to be claimed the Season Winner! Then the process starts all over again…

As the event is such a great experience and of good value; court space is limited and it is essential for everyone to register before the event. Don’t worry if the weather is having a bad day too because if games need to be called off due to rain, etc… Republica will post on their Facebook page (Republica Beach Volleyball) and send out an email to all competitors before 5pm on the night (if it is after 5pm though an sms will also be sent).

This is a great social sports event held on our own St Kilda Beach and is a truly wonderful experience. So be sure to register and prepare to dive in to the sand with some great people!


To register your team, yourself, or you and a couple of mates for these 4-a-side beach volleyball tournaments please call Big Al on: 0422 242 308, or email him at:

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