Renton Millar

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Renton Millar – Professional Skateboarder and local SKN celebrity ambassador


Q1)  How does living / working in St Kilda inspire you?

St Kilda inspires me because of its diversity. It’s full of a lot of different people with a lot of different thoughts. There is always new people coming in and out of the place and there is always things happening.


Q2) What is your favourite thing to do in St Kilda?

I’d say my favourite thing to do in St Kilda is my simple walk from my house, along the beach to my gym. It’s a pretty non-eventful part of my day really, but it’s such a mellow walk. I think once the new Skate Park is finished hanging out there riding my skateboard, and teaching my son to skate there will just about be my favourite thing to do!


Q3)  What change would you make to St Kilda if you could?

That’s a really simple one, I’d create an artificial reef, or whatever you need to make the bay surfable!


Q4) What are you currently working on?

At the moment I have been helping get the St Kilda board riders club going. It’s a club that has a lot to do with the new Skate Park, which from what it looks so far will be world class. The club is mainly to give the Skate Park users a voice in issues to do with the park, advise on maintenance, and help educate new users with Skate Park etiquette. Basically to create a open community amongst the Skate Park users. We also would like to help the development of young skaters by organising junior skate contests for the young skaters of St Kilda from time to time. At present we aren’t allowed. When I was growing up in the 90s we had a lot of support in Prahran with junior contests with the Prahran Skate Group. Because of that support we had a lot of Prahran locals go overseas, turn pro and really do well. It would be rad if we could give similar support to the St Kilda skaters. The comps are also just an excuse for the kids to have some fun with their new facility. It’s really going to be great. I think the whole community will be really stoked on the new Skate Park… weather they are riding it, or just hanging out spectating.


Q5)  Can you tell us something interesting we don’t know about you?

Sometimes I sneak out in the middle of the night and skate the blocks on St Kilda beach!


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