Renewed calls for CCTV cameras

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By: Daniel Wilson

In light of the rape and murder of ABC staffer Jill Meagher, there have been renewed calls for CCTV cameras to be installed in popular night spots around the country.

The outpouring of grief by the public has been unrestrained with marches, murals, and shrines popping up both here in Australia and in her native homeland Ireland.

It was the security cameras of local shops that helped the Police identify and catch the alleged murderer.

It prompted the South Australian State Government to upgrade their CCTV cameras in Adelaide’s CBD, the Australian reported.

There are also calls for a network of cameras to be set up here in St Kilda. John Webster, who was standing for Junction Ward in the October 2012 election, made this his single issue.

Webster told St Kilda News: “Most of the 950 assaults that take place in the City of Port Phillip, according to the Police, take place in three streets: Acland, Fitzroy and Carlisle Street,” and went on to say that, “the 50 cameras that are in the CBD resulted in 500 arrests last year”.

Webster argues the cameras are not just to an asset in catching criminals, but also in convicting them: “Having CCTV just makes it so much easier for the courts to reach a decision”.

As this article goes to proof, the election results are not in yet. John Webster does not expect to win. He has preferenced his brother in law, Dick Gross, who is also standing for Junction Ward, and who also supports the proposal to install a network of CCTV cameras in St Kilda.

The sharing of preferences amongst family members has left some of the other candidates with raised eyebrows.

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