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By: AJ

G’day readers, this is AJ again with another article on a resident of St Kilda. When I was a teen, I heard many songs by this artist, especially on ‘Countdown’, hosted by Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum and enjoyed them. In the 80’s there was one song, ‘Say I Love You’, which brings back good memories. Yes readers, this article is about one of my favourites, Rene Geyer.

Renee, the youngest of three children, was born on the 15th of September 1953 in Melbourne, Victoria to Edward Geyer and his Slovakian wife. Both were immigrants who arrived in Australia in the aftermath of the war in Europe. She was named in memory of a Holocaust survivor her mother had helped in Auschwitz. Renee described herself as a problem child who attended numerous schools, being expelled from one for petty theft.

While still in high school, Renee began as a vocalist with jazz blues band Dry Red in 1970, launching her career. In 1972, Renee joined Mother Earth, leaving in 1973. In September of that same year, she released her first solo album, Renee Geyer, an R&B/Soul album.

Between 1974 and 1976 when I started getting into her music she released It’s a Man’s World album. The title track was a cover version of James Brown’s 1965 hit. She joined Mushroom Records and released Ready to Deal, her next album in 1975, with the track Heading in the Right Direction becoming a hit. At this time, she also sang the Liberal Party’s theme song, Turn on the Lights.

In 1976, she released Really, Really Love You and relocated to Los Angeles. She released Moving Along in 1977, featuring the hit Stares and Whispers and after returning to Australia in 1977 she release the single, Restless Years, the theme song for the Ten Network’s soap opera, The Restless Years.

Other albums include Winner, in 1978, and Blues Licence in 1979. So here we go readers, in 1981 Geyer released So Lucky, my absolute favourite, featuring hits like So Lucky, Do You Know What I Mean, I Can Feel The Fire and, of course, my favourite song, Say I Love You, which was when Renee was a her peak. In 1982, Renee performed at the Mushroom Records 10th Anniversary concert and in 1984, after the album Faves, she returned to Los Angeles.

In 1985, the album Sing To Me was released and she performed at Oz For Africa, part of the Live Aid, world- wide concert event. Later albums include Easy Pieces in 1988 and Difficult Woman in 1994, the title she also gave her autobiography. After embarking on the live concert circuit, she re-signed with Mushroom and released the album, The Best of Renee Geyer 1973-1998.

More albums followed Tenderland in 2003, Live at The Athenaeum in 2004, Tonight in 2005 and Dedicated in 2007. As well as the compilation Reneesance in 2009, she performed in Sleeping Beauty in 2007 and was involved in Adam Elliot’s animated film Mary and Max. In 2005, Renee was inducted into the Aria Hall of Fame.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she was expected to make a full recovery after having had surgery.

Renee Geyer is a super Australian artist.

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