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Henry Shires’ Shout-outs

After last month’s almost entirely sociological discourse, welcome dear regular readers, and the, as yet, uninitiated, to yet another reboot of my monthly column, now called Henry Shires’ Shout-outs.

Hopefully, more for the “big ups”, I can give to happening and progressive people, programs and products, on my way, rather than because I have a tendency to shout madly at people in the street when particularly fed up with my failing heart and our failing socio-political regime.

Henry Shires

Henry Shires

First up to bat, The Knowledge Lounge (“Be Informed for Happier and Healthier Lives”) Rachel Vainer has come up with the brilliant idea of Elsternwick based, highly informative, discursive meetings on a wide range of health and complimentary health issues, from a diverse selection of top quality local, national and international speakers.

At only $15 a vox pop they are potentially invaluable to you. As long as you are a human-being. And especially one with any health challenges. Or, who knows anyone with health challenges.

I attended Pharmaceutical Medicine Vs Natural Medicine; Get the Facts! given by the extremely experienced, knowledgeable, articulate and innovative local naturopath, Venus Bergner.

I would love to tell you more about the huge number of insights I obtained from her for my paltry 15 bucks, but then my wonderful new Editor would have to kill me for overrunning my paltry 600 word limit.

However, did you know that skinny milk is more fattening for you than full cream milk, litre for litre, because when you take out the fats, what are you left with (apart from chalky water)? That’s right, condensed sugars!!!

Second, for their spot in the limelight – what does that actually mean? – even supermarket irradiated, genetically engineered limes do not give off any light – I recently saw a very nice man about a very troublesome dog.

The dog in question is our OCD neurotic Chihuahua cross and the very interesting and innovative man was Jules Burgemeestre of SnC Socialisation and People Training “Helping people to better train, socialise and lead their dogs”

Jules is an admirably gung ho, gong fu sort of fellow who immediately gets to the dodgy nitty gritty.

Jules: “Ok, so your Chihuahua is chronically scratching and itchy. So you live by the sea. Take her in the sea every day”.

Henry (incredulous): “What every day. But it’s freezing”.

Jules: “Nonsense. Extremes of temperature are good for the heart”.

Henry (under his breath) “Not my stented, and yet still 70% blocked heart, they’re not”.

Anyway, suffice to say that despite, like every other twenty something worth their salt, being just a little “my way or the highway”, Jules is still, in my opinion, a canine natural genius par excellence.

And, although still scratching furiously, Fanny (our Chi) has lost lots of weight, buffed up and developed a wonderfully luxuriant coat. As has our fluffy headed poodle cross. And myself for that matter.

Thanks Jules. Still awaiting your Plan B for the fleas though!




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