Reiki and the Energy System

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More and more people are becoming aware of the necessity of keeping their energy bodies in good holistic health, in addition to their physical bodies. Yoga, which supports the balance of the physical body and the chakra system, is now a common practice in society. Reiki, once thought of as an alternative practice, is now known as a complimentary therapy that acts as a preventative to disease to support holistic health and well being. Just as we keep our physical body clean, so too must we do the same for our energy body. A Reiki treatment is like a shower for the energy body.



The chakras are cone shaped vortices of energy that spin in a clockwise direction. They act as energy transmitters by drawing in universal energy and help to distribute that energy around the entire body to the organs, muscles, glands, blood, bones, tissue, etc… via the meridians. The meridians are like energy gridlines around the body.

The aura acts as a protective shell of energy around our physical body where a plethora of information is stored. If you walk into a room you can often get a strong sense of what the energy in that room is like – you either like the feel of it or you don’t – this information is being decoded by your auric field and then interpreted as a good or bad feeling by your brain.

There are seven main chakras located at the front of the body that govern it, however there are hundreds of chakras all over the body; in the palms of the hands, on the back, and on the head, to name a few.

Of these seven main chakras, each one has its own distinctive colour, location and what it helps to balance physically and emotionally, when this chakra is in alignment. If you are experiencing the opposite of what is described emotionally then that particular chakra could be blocked or torn and it is suggested that you have a chakra cleanse and alignment to bring it into balance.


The different types of chakras are:



Colour – Red

Location – Base of the spine

Related organs – Heart, Small Intestine

Safety, Security, Abundance



Colour – Orange

Location – above the physical naval

Related organs/glands – Reproductive, Thyroid, Adrenals

Creativity, Imagination, Innocence/Inner Child, Relationships



Colour – Yellow

Location – Under the ribcage

Related organs – Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas

Self Confidence, Self Worth, Self Esteem



Colour – Green with pink centre

Location – middle of the chest

Related organs – Liver, Gall bladder

Unconditional Love for Self and Others, Forgiveness



Colour – Light Blue

Location – over physical throat

Related organs – Lungs, Large intestine

Positive Inner Dialogue, Clear and Honest Communication



Colour – Indigo

Location – centre of forehead

Related organs/glands – Spinal column, Pineal gland (Brain)

Intuition, Inner Guidance, Clarity, Claircognizance – includes clairvoyance (spiritual sight), clairsentience (spiritual feeling), clairaudience (spiritual hearing)



Colour – Purple

Location – above the head

Related organs/glands – Hypothalamus, Pituitary (Brain), Bladder, Kidneys

Deep Connection to Spirituality, Higher Spiritual Service to Others, Clear Life Direction


Be mindful of your energy body and keep it revitalised and re-energised with regular Reiki treatments and you will experience a deeper sense of holistic health and well being.


Athene Thompson

Reiki Master Practitioner

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